What is a 3D Magnifier and How its works?

3D Magnifiers are optical devices that can help people who have low vision or are visually impaired to enjoy a clearer and sharper view of the world around them.

3D Magnifiers are not just another optical device on the market for those with visual impairments. They can change the whole way of life for someone who is visually impaired. They can see more clearly, they can read what had been unreadable, they can go shopping without any worries, they don't need to worry about bumping into furniture in their home because they can see it before it happens. 3D Magnifiers are more than just an optical device - they are a tool that improves the quality of life for those with sight problems.

Benefits of Using a 3D Magnifier

A 3D magnifier is useful for people who have low vision or are visually impaired. Other benefits of 3D magnifiers are that they make the screen look bigger and clearer. Users can also zoom in on small objects.

check out our some 3D magnifiers

10/12″ Universal Cellphone Screen Magnifier with Holder 100% brand new and high-quality features: Made of high-quality materials, environmental protection, non-toxic, not easy to break. Make the viewing effect of the screen realistic and present a three-dimensional sense. Can enlarge the picture on the mobile phone, the picture is clear and lifelike, and the dynamic sense is stronger. Hands-free and enjoy your entertainment time. Perfect gift for yourself or your friends. Specification: Material: ABS Size: app.223x165x10mm/8.78×6.50×0.39in Optional Colors: Black, White, Red Optional Styles: 10/12 Inch Quantity: 1pc

12″ Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier 3 Gear Regulation

  • Feature: – Closed design free zooming: Four-sided closed design, lock the light source to improve the brightness of the picture, effectively prevent the reflection of the picture, make the picture clear and comfortable, three-layer free zoom control, compact shape – Convenient shrinkage, can adjust the zoom to full screen according to the size of the mobile phone, and enhance the viewing experience. – Using the physical optics technology of film projection, the picture of the mobile phone is enlarged 3-5 times, the picture is clear and the color vision is enjoyed, such as staying in the cinema. – No battery power supply, simple and convenient, energy-saving and environmental protection, anytime, anywhere can be used in personal cinema. – Free your hands, and you can watch high-definition video on a large screen from a long distance! 2-4 times larger area, more suitable for middle-aged and old people to watch news and video online. – The card slot is arranged inside to prevent the mobile phone from sliding when it is placed or watched. – Level can be controlled to change magnification: Screen enlargement factor is 8 inches when two gears are used. The screen zoom-in factor is 12 inches when the product uses three gears.
  • Installation Steps: – Step1:Open the frame and support the bracket. – Step2:Open the mobile phone bracket. – Step3:Place the bracket and turn on the video.
  • Note: – This product is recommended to be used in dim light with better effect. Do not use in a backlit, reflective environment (due to sufficient light will produce refraction, resulting in light confusion, so that the picture is blurred, or even feel dizzy) – Do not drop from a high place without violent impact. – If it is dirty, wipe the lens and body with a soft cloth. – Please do not use or store it in the sun or under strong light.
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